follow url Well Diary,

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Venezia I said I was starting over and that’s exactly what I did. Behold, my masterpiece:

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dove acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Parma It’s a city inside of a space station! Specifically it’s just one street. And guess what my mark was on it. 71%!

click I know I know. That’s way less than 100%. In fact it’s the lowest mark I got in the whole program. Ouch. But I knew I was losing marks the second I handed it in because everything is rectangles. I really wish I had started this image days earlier so I could have gone to town on the shapes. That volcano I made still taunts me. I actually emailed Adrian to see if I was right to start over or not. I’ll let you know what he says. So the class is officially over! I was going to say “Yay! Schools out! No more classes no more books. No more teachers dirty looks” but I’m actually not excited about it. It was neat having structure for my art. Very broad structure, granted, but that’s the nature of an intro class.

follow My final mark in the program is 76%. Again that is way less than 100% (maybe I should get more realistic goals? Nah). I will definitely have to keep shapes and character in mind during the diploma class if I can get in.


enter site And speaking of the diploma class. There is a scholarship. Only one person per term gets it and it’s 10% off the entire program. I wants it. The class starts in April but the portfolio for the scholarship has to be in by early March. That means I have a MILLION pieces of artwork to create this month. And I’m going too. All the next blog posts will be about it so that should be fun.

source site Also later today I will write a second blog post (Two in one day!) about the webcomic. I haven’t updated since school started and I have news about that. It’s good news (I think).

provera and clomid infertility drug Love Michael

Also Mario Pochat, (The face of Vanas!) totally complimented my artwork the last two weeks and said he likes my blog posts. That’s a feather in my cap. Even though I don’t wear caps… or feathers.

I should put a big Vanas button on the website somewhere. In  the mean time you can go to to see what all these posts are blathering on about.