Dear Diary,

Remember in the last blog post where I said I was going to redraw the octopus? I didn’t do it. Because Space Engineers!


It’s this wicked awesome game where you build space ships and fly in space and…
Ok that’s it. And it’s all I’ve ever wanted.


The BETA-CAROTENE. The Fuzzy Outlaws carrot ship that I just realized I never named on the website before. Well now you know the name.

I spent 3 days making this monstrosity and it totally flies. It’s not exactly like it is in the comic but it’s close enough. The game is limited so the inside is “close but not quite” everywhere. Here’s a bunch of screen shots.

Now I can take a break from the game and work on art. A new school related blog post is a-comin’.

Love Michael

SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-05-04-096_FinalScreen SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-04-50-494_FinalScreen SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-04-33-407_FinalScreen SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-04-09-437_FinalScreen SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-03-53-597_FinalScreen SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-03-43-636_FinalScreen SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-03-25-853_FinalScreen SpaceEngineers_2015-01-16-00-02-33-017_FinalScreen