Hey Diary,

follow site Ready to see the masterpiece I created this week? Hold onto your butts:

see fox

go to link Dayum. Look at that guy. Sexy sexy. And guess what mark I got on it. 84%!

vardenafil prezzo più basso I know I know. It’s not 100% but once again Adrian has explained to my why I suck and should quit the business. (He totally never said any of that!) Here’s the problem. There’s no personality in that face. He’s a fox. We can tell he’s a fox. But if we stripped off his gadgets how would we tell him apart from any other fox? He’s got no expression. And it makes me laugh because I’m ALWAYS drawing expressions. I don’t know why I made him so neutral this time.

finasteride body hair Here’s an edited version I made in 45 seconds.

go here foxedits

source url Crazy guy face. Big ol’ tail. This guy has some character. Adrian suggested this kinds of edits and I wanted to see how hard they would actually be to draw. They weren’t. I hate myself. Oh! But here’s a cool thing I made. An animated version of the process: sketchsmall I better get back to work. Next week: Landscapes! Love Michael