What a busy week. I spent a good chunk of Saturday doing my homework because it was the last day I could work on it. The auction this weekend really took all my time.

I had planned to show my final piece with the assigned grade like I usually do but Adrian hasn’t assigned a grade or critique of it yet. (It’s not late or anything. I’m just impatient).

So instead I’ll show the finished line art without the colouring. Ready?



This was super fun* to draw. (*tedious/frustrating/ego-shattering). The camera being fastened to the knee was inspired from all the pictures I found of photographers kneeling behind a tripod. Instead of dragging around a tripod and looking over your knee to see through it, why not attach it to your knee?! I know. I’m a super genius.

In the coloured version the nose is a little longer (suggested by my Mum). I won’t get into all the stuff I did to colour it (especially the stuff that I hate I did) until Part 3 so you can see what I’m rambling on about.

Anyway, my latest class, Landscapes, is about to start. I’m super terrible at landscapes so I better take notes. I’ll post the finished artwork (including animated gif of the production!) soon!

Luff Michael