Dear Diary,

I’m writing a post before my homework is even finished! What a grown up I am.

This is Auction week which means 60-70 hours of work which makes doing my homework rather tricky. I’ve been plugging away at it a little each day this week but today (Saturday) the assignment has to be finished. Technically it’s due tomorrow at midnight but tomorrow’s auction is a 13 hour day which makes it hard to doodle.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far (more or less). I started with a long list of random words to get ideas. Becky and I circled the ones we like.


After lots of debate I’m now making a Steampunk Fox Photographer. I’ve never drawn steampunk or a fox before I know almost nothing about photography. So this should be a hoot.

I did some silhouettes but they all started looking like skinny people with fox faces.


But time was of the essence so I just started to draw it. Here’s how far I got:


But I hate it. Blegh. The proportions just aren’t fun. So I started redoing silhouettes. I like this one:


I like this one. It’s less like a humanoid fox and more like a regular fox standing upright. I like that better. Big ol’ head. So now I’m going to start sketching again. Wish me luck!

Love Michael