acquistare levitra Lazio Dear Diary,

here I finally started concept art school! I’m currently enrolled at in the Intro To Concept Art program. It’s a one month class to get students ready for the certificate or diploma classes that start in the spring. I very much want to be in the diploma program.

follow So far I’ve had only one class but it was a gooder. My teacher is Adrian Enciso and he seems like a good teacher. He has a lot of excitement in his voice which is good for me because I get bored so easily. The more excited he is, the more excited I will be. But the first day really only covers the broad question of “What is Concept Art” so we’ll see how you do next week, Adrian!

see Also here’s my first assignment:

  1. Find 5 photographs with different poses (Dancers, Sports, Military, Male, Female, etc.)
  2. Sketch Tab:  Upload a total of 3 pages of Character doodles and sketches in your own style

here And here they are: posespg1small posespg2small posespg3small Amazing, yes? Easily 100% right?

long term side effects of accutane Nope! Only 75%. At first I was all,
“Whaaaaat?? Adrian, you bully. How is this not the best stuff ever? It’s exactly what you asked for!” But see that’s why I’m in school. Because I don’t know everything. And I need a critical eye. I watched his critique video today and frankly I’m very happy with getting 75%. I missed a lot of opportunities. The whole point of concept art (which is what the whole class was about!) is to give as much information with a single drawing as possible.

source site The only character on that whole page that really has more information than just the pose is the shark.


Yes we can see it’s a shark but look at him. He’s a stone cold killer. Tattooed with a look of determination and a custom made harpoon gun. This guy gets the job done.

But the giraffe (my moms favorite drawing) shows only a giraffe.


Is the giraffe a dancer? Is this the first time it’s done that pose? How can we know? In fact Becky even asked me “Are you going to put the tutu on him?” and I said “Nah. I think I’m supposed to focus on just the pose.” Stupid. Stupid me. If I gave it a ballerina outfit then we’d know a lot more about the giraffe as a character.

Now the octopus:


Look at those stubby tentacles. I really did miss a chance to go all crazy with long twirly legs. And it’s just an octopus. Is it intelligent? What are it’s hobbies? We just can’t know from this drawing. Concept art, man. Concept art.

And finally the hands:


Yes that’s a picture of Becky. I’m a lucky guy.
But for the hands I just gave her “mittens” (as Adrian put it) and he’s right. In the 15 drawings there’s really only about 5 hands. There should be closer to 30. (Sharks don’t have hands). I will definitely start spending more time on things like that.

Anyway, this is long enough. My second class is tomorrow so expect another post about it later this week. Before that I might even have another go at the octopus. I think I missed the most opportunities on that guy. Except some extra doodles this week too.

Love Michael

My friend (and fellow comic making lunatic) at is starting a concept art class tonight! Good luck Chris!